Friday, October 12, 2012


опитвам се...
с бялото на съня да те дишам,
в предчувствие с нежност облечено
да разлистя сърцето ти,
неизживяното глътка по глътка

                   в онази безкрайна целувка
             с тръпнеща жажда за теб
      от устните ти топли
  да отпия...

опитвам се...

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                              боса съм...
                    на пръсти тичам,
                                        не зная накъде
           само знам,
                             че надалече...
        в шепите ми плаче
                                тъжно светлината,
           а някой мост ми прави

                            с обич във очите...

fashion days

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What she says?


Unknown woman

Не успя да се научи на това,
да е послушна, кротка свита...
Като цвете е- не вирее на студа,
като стихия бясна -
след себе си помита...
Бледа, слаба, лаконична,
изплетена от лен-
страстна, лаконична.
От дълбините й извира
стихия, а с алена премяна,
изглежда мила и лежерна,
а е толкова коварна...

С властен поглед подлудява,
с нежни ръце обгръща,
много силна е и много слаба,
а уж винаги една и съща.
Като вятър се разстила-
разпилява световете,
като огън пари, а жарава
никога във нея не остава.
Като океан поглъща и затрива,
а усмивката й -слъце
и най-студеното сърце стопява...



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Inside me

It all starts with my underwear

When I get ready each day, I have a few little rituals I rarely don’t do. There is the daily all body moisturise, cleanser,toner and facial moisturise, the GHD styling of my hair, application of eyeliner and mascara and…oh of course, the putting on of clothes!

It is impossible to leave the house without doing all of these things and they are now second nature to me, I have become so speedy at all of them, I’m usually ready before the men in the house. However, one thing I am also religious about is wearing matching underwear. I used to think I did this for the effect it had on my boyfriend, but when we broke up, I remained in this routine. I tried not to, but felt less attractive somehow, less comfortable.

I also can’t stand when people can see my underwear through my clothes. In few circumstances, this is fashionable and acceptable but more often than not, it just looks a little…cheap. I have spoken to lots of women about this and they all tend to agree that having a bra-strap on show or patterned bras showing through thin t-shirts is something they feel embarrassed and frustrated by. Sigh…

So how do we solve it? Well here is a list of Do’s and Don’t that should help!


1. Find out your correct size. There is nothing more uncomfortable or more unflattering than an ill-fitting bra. Any decent underwear shop provide this service free of charge and it takes less than 1 minute so there are no excuses!

2. Get a range of styles. This allows you to have a bra for all of your outfits and means you can make the most of your assets. For instance: the balconette bra looks great wearing a low cut sundress but shows up under t-shirts and looks less flattering than a full-cup bra.

3. Get a range of colours. If you are wearing Black and have a white bra on underneath, the chances are the whole room knows. Black under red rarely works and white under white never works…make sure you purchase a nude set too! I could go on but I think you get the point, you need to cover all your bases!

4. As sexy as they are NOT – T-shirt bras are handy as hell. Get a black, a white and a nude and knickers for each. These are great on those days you feel you need comfort over style. They also never show up under blouses/t-shirts/tanks etc.

5. Found a set of underwear you love? Buy more than 1 of the bottom. When I shop, I try to purchase at least 2 of the bottom, often they vary them and offer a thong, or a pant, or a french knicker. It means the set lasts longer and the bra can be worn more than once each week! You own less underwear this way but it allows you to always match.

6. Get a great strapless. It is a lot more attractive under tank-tops and strappy-tops and means the eye is directed to the right place…not to your bra straps.

7. Feel Sexy!

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1. Spend lots of money on underwear you don’t know will fit. Make sure you always try Bras on in store.

2. Have straps on show when you don’t need to. It is never the way forward. Got a low cut back on a dress or top…there are brilliant solutions to this problem out there! Don’t settle.

3. Wash bras too often in the machine or in really hot water. Often just a rinse in the sink will do it. They last so much longer this way!

4. Let a man tell you what’s sexy. You decide and you stick to it. Wearing the right underwear makes a real difference to how your clothes sit on you and how you feel about yourself. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean its not the most important part of your outfit…

Good Places to shop for bras are La Senza, Marks and Spencer and Figleaves. I personally prefer M & S. Their bras are sexy, comfortable and reasonably priced.

 This interesting material is  from Kate Hollowood. You can trust that woman.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tango Flamenco

          Look at this video. Great!

Marabou Limited


Strange technique

                                            Look at this :)))

                                            I've never seen before ...

                                                                                                                    Play :)

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                                                                                     Like     stars

За две ръце протегнати насреща,
земята бих до края извървял.
За две очи, като звезди горещи,
за цялата си топлина бих дал.

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